Sweet Almond Oil for Face, Benefits & Reviews

Choosing to use almond oil for face and skin benefits is a very wise and thrifty choice. All kinds of skin issues can be reversed from the nutrients and antioxidants that are found in the oil. The benefits to dry skin are relatively obvious, as there is a wonderful moisturizing effect to the product. Yet, what might surprise you is that it does help balance out oily skin. You have to allow the substance to thoroughly soak into the skin and use steam to help open up pores and cleanse the face. The nutrient balance and the overall antioxidant benefit helps to reduce oil.

It also makes a great exfoliating scrub simply by adding a tiny amount of an abrasive substance. Sugar is usually the preferred choice as salt can irritate and burn any acne that you might have. The trick to using sweet almond oil for exfoliating is making sure that you use the scrub for long enough that the oil is absorbed. Once this is done, a gentle rinse is necessary. Do not continue scrubbing while you are rinsing.

The battle of wrinkles is one that is consistently being fought by more people every day. Finding the right product is very frustrating because many are expensive but do not deliver on their promises. Using almond oil for face wrinkles like crows feet works well if you leave the product on overnight. You want to thoroughly massage the oil deep into the skin. As you are massaging the oil is breaking down into nutritional components that will target crows’ feet and other facial ageing problems.

Leave the well massaged oil on your face overnight and your morning skin will be healthier, glowing, and noticeably smoother. This is also a great way to help reduce itching from irritated skin and allergic reactions. The oil acts very much like a poultice and pulls out the itchy allergen and reduces excessive histamine from targeted areas.

One of the best kept secret benefits of using almond oil for face wrinkles is that it also helps reduce or even eliminate those puffy, dark bags that you carry underneath your eyes. In a world where beauty products are close to the most frequently purchased items, the simple and effective use of almond extracts can be much easier to handle. Instead of chronically purchasing numerous products that are designed to help only one skin problem, you can use one product to deal with multiple skin problems.

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  1. Alejandra says:

    I’m eighteen, and I’ve had bad acne for all of my life; constant zits around my mouth, on my chin and forehead, and lots of blackheads on my nose, and my skin type was really frustrating; oily and greasy, yet dry all the time. Wash your face with water as hot as you can stand it for a while, or try steaming it, then slap some of the Lady Soma Antioxidant Berry Masque ; it’s incredible. It will dry on your skin; then wash it off. If you have red irritating pimples, you’ll notice a change overnight; and if you use it every night, your skin will rock. The cool thing is, this stuff also shrinks and minimizes the little pocks that zits leave in your face; I used to have them really bad under my eyes, they’re almost non-existent now.

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